Announcing Family Unity Night Ministry!

We’ll be kicking off our very first FUN night with a Fall Festival Chilli Cook-Off at 5:45 PM on Friday, November 7th! Please RSVP for this event so enough chilli shows up by e-mailing:

East Winthrop Baptist Church | Fridays @ 6:30 PM
Bible study and event night for all ages! | fmi 207.395.4442


Old Village Road
East Winthrop, Maine

At East Winthrop Baptist Church we believe in investing time and energy in maturing our faith through developing a relationship with Christ by prayer and study of His word, and through involvement in ministry. We are excited to be able to offer many opportunities for growth. Please feel free to join with us in worship and study as we grow together.

May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and be gracious unto you in this hour and even forevermore!