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  1. Hello. I just read about the food ministry. Myself and others would like to donate. I will call to see where to mail a check but it would be good if you would setup a free GoFundMe account so that people everywhere can donate easily and securely. With email and social netoworking I think a lot could be donated. The website is http://www.gofundme.com It’s free and easy to setup. A young woman’s family from Boothbay is using it to raise money for her medical expenses and it has worked wonderfully. Hope this is helpful information. If you do please post a link on the front page and let KJ know so they can run and update for everyone. May the Lord bless you and the ministry.

  2. My aunt, Donna, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer last December. After undergoing surgery and chemo/radiation, we thought she was in remission. she found out that she now has stage IV metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. On December 4th, she will be having surgery to try to remove some of the cancer from her lungs and possibly her lymph nodes. They will be removing half of her left lung. The operation will be very close to her heart so it will be quite risky. Please pray that her surgery will go well and that her recovery will be quick.

    Also, please pray for Donna’s daughter, Becki. The night before last, she tried to commit suicide. She went to the hospital, but was discharged today after treatment.

    Thank you very much for your prayers!!

  3. It is good to hear your voice again. Twenty-plus years at your church. WOW.

    I retired form my job as Executive Director of the Foundation for Contemporary Theology — a second emeritus for me. I planned to write, however, I have been appointed by City Council to a Board, and that is gobbling up too much of time I could be used for writing.

    Give Lynn and the kids my best.

    Let the days entice you into them with anticipation and joy,


  4. Looking forward to listening to this past Sunday’s sermon from Malachi again. I will be passing it along to some friends, who will pass it along to some friends. Wonderful message of love in troubled times.

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